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  • Online liquor sales is a advantage or disadvantage ?

    Crowd at liquor shops across the country is an open invitation to the Corona crisis, yet the state governments are not stopping its sale. In such a situation, when the liquor is to be sold, what is the maximum use of online service in the states to avoid congestion during the Corona period? Chhattisgarh started online liquor sales and home delivery in the green zone on May 5. Punjab has not released its online service but is considering home delivery in the Orange and Green zones. But how effective is this formula?
  • Amazon collapses in Corona virus lockdown, Lost billions of dollars.

    The nationwide lockdown by the government due to the Corona virus epidemic has caused the largest loss to the leading e-commerce company Amazon in India. In the lockdown that began on March 25, the company has been allowed to sell only essential commodities, due to which it has lost billions of dollars. The company gave this information on Friday (May-01-2020).
  • Company that pay more during Corona virus lock-down

    Economic crisis has arisen due to the ongoing lock-down in India, due to Corona virus. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce working expenses during the Corona lock-down. In this era of economic crisis, a company in Kerala has announced to increase their employees salary to help them in this epidemic.
  • CoronaVirus is drowning small e-commerce business

    Online shopping has become the most popular thing in world, As per new article on Online shopping has obtained very important positioning in the 21st century. India’s 21-day lock-down might be not impacting on online groceries stores, but the rest of the e-commerce industry is drowning in the Covid-19 epidemic.