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Corona Impact on Amazon affiliates


Coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on individual bloggers or website owners who were fully dependent on affiliate marketing for their earnings. As in this epidemic, all e-commerce sites have limited or shut down their services, which led to the overall impact on affiliate system with less or no sales and no commissions.

All the Niche websites which were related to non-essential goods like sunglasses, shoes, apparels, fashion, jewelry, appliances etc are the most impacted and now drowning day by day due to the complete lock-down and hence, no sales through their affiliate channels. Read full report on how Corona Virus is drowning small e-commerce business

If we talk about affiliate world, Amazon affiliate is considered to be the most successful program, but in this epidemic, due to the restrict in their services, it was considered that it will also fail eventually.

I also run an Amazon affiliate website, hence I was also very curious and looking for CPM ad networks when Covid-19 strikes, but today I am happy to share that Amazon is getting back on track. They have announced they are resuming deliveries in selected pin-codes, which is a major relief for all the Entrepreneurs from India, who were dependent on Amazon Affiliate program.

Although it's a learning for all of us that niche websites are the good source to start and gain popularity, but we should start driving our business towards the generic websites, so that in situations like this we can resume our business by promoting essential goods as per the situations.


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