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Bloggers earning millions without Google adsense. Learn How !

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and passion about any Niche. Incidentally, this is also a wonderful way to make money online. There is a common perception in India that bloggers cannot earn enough through online blogging if they do not get the Google adsense approval. This is not true. There are many Indian bloggers who are earning millions from blogging by choosing the right ad network and right strategy to bring the traffic. So, if you too have a blog and have not started earning money from it yet, or waiting for Google Adsense approval, then this article may help you start monetizing the blog from today.

Choosing the correct Ad Network that monetize Asian traffic and have good CPM rate.

I have worked with many ad networks myself, but most of them do not provide good CPM rates for Indian visitors, or many of them have pre-requisites as minimum traffic. Initially, I was also having the low traffic and was in a stage of building my space, and hence I wasted lot of time in searching the ways how to monetize my blog with limited traffic with good CPM rates. I tried many sites like Revenuhits, PropellerAds etc, but if you see my site now I am using only 1 network and that is the best network as per my experience. If you are a new blogger or an old blogger, even if you are earning through google adsense already then also you can use it, and increase your revenue, as it is completely safe and compatible with Google adsense platform.

So if you are interested and want to give it a try, then you can see yourself how easy is to setup the whole thing and how easy to track your earnings, although it approves your blog without any limitations over your traffic, but I would suggest, after you place the ads, keep continue getting more traffic over your blog in order to get more revenue. Your CPM totally depends on number of impressions and clicks.


Bloggers Earning Millions

The ad network that I am using is Adsterra, Simply join them as publisher, add your site, then add their meta code in your blogs <Head> tag, validate it and create your first ad code and start monetizing your site within 10 minutes.

For better results you must use the maximum ad formats on your posts, and best ad format is pop up, which will increase your revenue 6x times.

Ad Formats:

1) Native Banner : This is my personal best ad format, you can simply select how many squares or tiles you want to show, and it will publish clean ads. It will give good UI experience to your visitors and you can get more clicks, also ads keep changing as per your visitors search.

2) Social bar : This is another good ad format where a small pop-up remain on the top of the site,and your content doesn't get blocked. It motivates your users to do some action on the ads, therefore it gets more chances to be clicked

3) Web Push : If you are having song/movie downloading site, this is a best ad format for you, it pushes your visitor to see the ad in new window. This ad may be not proves good for bloggers.

4) Pop-up : This is the most trending ad format and is very useful for bloggers to increase their revenue. It shows pop up under your content, and motivates users to click on the ads, while they reading your article.

5) Banners : They have all sizes of banner ads, (Vertical or horizontal) which you can place neatly anywhere on your page.

Join as Publisher

 Join Now Adsterra and start generating revenue instantly 

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