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Amazon collapses in Corona virus lockdown, Lost billions of dollars.

The nationwide lockdown by the government due to the Corona virus epidemic has caused the largest loss to the leading e-commerce company Amazon in India. In the lockdown that began on March 25, the company has been allowed to sell only essential commodities, due to which it has lost billions of dollars. The company gave this information on Friday (May-01-2020).

Request permission to start work

Amazon's CFO Brian Olsavsky said on Thursday, "We believe that the country where we have suffered the most internationally is India, where like other companies we can sell only the essentials." Due to this, we had to withdraw many types of offers and we will be able to announce them only when the Government of India approves us to start our work.

Corona Imapact on

Earlier this week, Amazon's India head Amit Aggarwal, make a tweet marking the PMO and the Ministry of Commerce and had requested that the government approve e-commerce companies to fully start their operations.

The company said, "During the Corona virus epidemic, we may have to spend $4 billion to deliver products to customers and keep employees safe. This includes personal protective equipment, cleanliness of facilities, adoption of processes to determine social distancing, higher salaries for long-term workers and developing their test kit to test KOVID-19 and many other Expenses are included.

Corona Impact on economy

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