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Online liquor sales is a advantage or disadvantage ?

Crowd at liquor shops across the country is an open invitation to the Corona crisis, yet the state governments are not stopping its sale. Despite the danger of spreading the corona virus infection, the reason for the states not to ban the sale of alcohol is being considered as revenue. The tax on liquor is excluded from the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which directly benefits the state governments. States get the most money from the excise duty imposed on the manufacture and sale of liquor. Apart from this, transportation fees, label fees and brand registration charges are also levied on alcohol coming from abroad. Some states also levy VAT on liquor separately. Uttar Pradesh and some other states have been raising funds for the maintenance of stray animals since last year by imposing special tax on liquor.

According to the RBI's research on state finances (2019-20) report, 10-15 per cent of the state's own tax revenue comes from excise duty on alcohol. After the ban was lifted from May 4, Karnataka earned close to Rs 70 crore and Uttar Pradesh earned up to Rs 100 crore. In such a situation, when the liquor is to be sold, what is the maximum use of online service in the states to avoid congestion during the Corona period? Chattisgarh started online liquor sales and home delivery in the green zone on May 5. Punjab has not released its online service but is considering home delivery in the Orange and Green zones. But how effective is this formula?

Online sale of alchol in IndiaFree home delivery of alchol

What does the law on online liquor sales say?

According to the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution, the state government can make laws related to the sale of liquor. According to law, every state government has made rules regarding the sale of liquor online according to itself, somewhere it is banned and somewhere there is no mention of this option in the act.

Under the Epidemic Disease Act 1897, rules or laws can be changed to protect people from disaster, as Chhattisgarh did, so can other states. "

Disadvantages of online liquor sales

It can be difficult to assess the age in online service. Since there is no such provision in the online system, it can be ascertained that the person ordering the liquor is younger in age or has reached the legal age of drinking alcohol.

Also Every state government has its own rules for the sale of liquor, getting a license online is a big challenge in itself. And the most important thing is that people can use it for smuggling of liquor by using it wrongly. The amount of tax revenue that the state government gets will also not be properly assessed.


Alcohol can be sold online, according to Indian Laws, this rule can be implemented temporarily by state governments, but will it be helpful or make the situation more worse, as online sale will have it's on consequences, please share your opinion and provide your feedback in comment section. Our recommendation is No to online sale of Alcohol, it may cause great damage to the economy due to increase in smuggling activities. We are not ready to deal with it in this epidemic.

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