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Can AC and Cooler pose a danger of corona virus?

It's being stated that the hazard of corona virus can be decreased as quickly as the summer season comes. Some resources say that it is being stated that the corona virus is not able to be maintained at a temperature of 40 degree. But as quickly as the hot summer time comes, you may start using Air conditioners and coolers, which will decrease your in house temperature and even after lock-down, when you travel in your cars and use AC of the car will result in same.

So there are few question arises this hot summer  "Should you operate coolers and air conditioners in houses?" "Can it be risky mainly throughout this period of corona virus infection (covid 19)?" "Can such coolant gadgets spread the virus?" While answering some of these questions, a researched data has been shared by Dr. Skanda shukla through facebook, which has began going viral. Read this submit cautiously and be aware of the usage of AC and Cooler.


AC can be danger in corona

How can the virus be spread by AC? Danger of Corona Virus !

"As many people have hopes with hot summer in relation to covid-19 that it's impact will slow down in summer, the more they are apprehensive about using AC and cooler during the summer".

There may be no extra hazard of Covid-19 due to personal AC and Coolers established in houses, but the relevant air-conditioning devices being utilized in public places can spread the virus, if a Covid-19 infected individual is found in their edge. Despite the lock-down in India, banks and many authorities institutions are running there, this thing becomes very important there.

The virus can spread directly from one person to another with tiny droplets caused by coughing-sneezing-spitting-or even touching them after accumulating on nearby items.. In such a situation, if the virus and particles of a patient reach the recycled air in the centrally air conditioning system, the infection can spread to other healthy people.

The Importance of Maintaining Clean Room Standards

Conclusion: There is no possibility of danger of Corona Virus from split or Window AC at Home

According to the information received so far, the windows or split AC of the houses can be used. There should be no problem with private water-coolers of homes. But there is a need to be more careful about the central air conditioning. In India till now, most of the institutes are closed due to lock-down, where such AC is used, but banks and other offices, where there is constant movement of people from outside. The subject should be discussed according to their respective institutions. "

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